As an alternative to the 100% tax for made in Serbia products, former government run by LVV/Self-determination have promised to impose total reciprocity towards Serbia. What are these measures and how they affected everyday life of citizens?


Prishtina: Haki Abazi – former head of Rockefeller Fund for East Europe, active member of civil society and now after joining LVV, he has been elected as MP of Kosovo, part of the 29 MPs group of LVV (the party that won elections but needs to create coalition for the establishment of the government)

Prishtina: Ardian Kastrati – political analyst, professor of politics / EU relations in University of Prishtina, was regular political analyst/commentator of the election campaign coverage of public RTK (TV Kosovo), during the late 90s was a student leader and later member of Temporary Government of H. Thaqi (short-lived KLA controlled government immediately after the end of the war)

Belgrade: Nenad Djurdjević – top advisor of the President of Serbian Chamber of Commerce, regular guest in media when it comes to relations with the other countries of the region, strong supporter of promotion of free trade with Kosovo and other neighbors.

Belgrade: Aleksandar Milošević – journalist, editor in chief of department of economical news in independent pro-western orientated daily newspaper ’Danas“ in Belgrade

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