What are deep rooted prejudices between Serbs and Albanians? What do they think of each other? What needs to be done so that citizens of these two biggest nations in West Balkans can start appreciating each other more; artists, musicians and activists from Prishtina and Belgrade discuss these issues.


Prishtina: Lorik Sylejmani – artist, contemporary international recognized art décor designer and professor in Art Faculty at University of Prishtina

Prishtina: Genc Prelvukaj – singer, song-writer and music producer, former advisor in Ministry of Culture and now professor in private AAB Multi-Media Univericty,

Belgrade: Bojan Slačala – multimedia contemporary artist, painter, sculpture but also musician/ bass & vocal in alternative Belgrade bend “Artan Lili”.

Belgrade: Vladimir Arsenijević –writer, journalist, novelist winner of prestigious NIN Annual Award in 1994 for the novel “In The Hold” also member of few punk and post punk Belgrade based bends such was “Urban Guerila”.

The Bridge/Ura/Most, Prishtina – Belgrade Civil Dialogue brought to you by INC Network with partners supported by National Endowment for Democracy.

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